Open Hearts...

Human Rights in North and South Korea

Hosted by The American Enterprise Institute

Monday, April 26
5:00 PM EST

Tuesday, April 27
6:00 AM KST

Event Description

Opening hearts... will be Nicholas Eberstadt and Olivia Schieber of the American Enterprise Institute who will be hosting several high ranking North Korean escapees for a discussion of the human rights situation in North Korea... and South Korea. They will be exploring ways to reach the elites in power with the truth and why that has become more difficult under the current government in South Korea.

Additionally Col. David Maxwell of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies will participate.

Discussion Topics

  • Methods of the Moon administration’s suppression against North Korean defector organizations and the current situation of North Korean organizations in South Korea.

  • Current situation in North Korea

  • The North Korean underground church and the spread of gospel in North Korea

  • Human rights violations of North Korean teenagers