NKFW 2011

Seoul, Korea

Dear Friends:

Next week the 8th Annual North Korea Freedom Week will occur, and I am pleased to provide an update on events being scheduled to promote the freedom, human rights and dignity of the North Korean people.

In Washington, D.C. there will be a North Korea Freedom Fest in Washington, D.C.on April 25 and 26 - a special film festival highlighting three documentaries in which all the directors will be present. This event is being organized by Patty Kim and Chris Sheridan. For tickets, showtimes and trailers, see www.westendcinema.com

In Seoul and Busan, during the week there is a complete schedule of public events listed below including hosts, locations and contact information.

If you cannot join us in Washington D.C., or Korea, you can still participate in North Korea Freedom Week with prayers and financial support:

Open Doors has launched a Shatter the Darkness prayer campaign in conjunction with North Korea Freedom Week. Here is the link for information http://www.opendoorsusa.org/pray/North-Korea-Freedom-Week

We are still raising funds towards the balloon launch into North Korea and other NKFW activities. If you can help with a donation to support NKFW, you can donate at www.defenseforum.org or for general support of North Korea programs at www.nkfreedom.org

Warm regards,

Suzanne Scholte

When: April 24 ~ May 1 (Sunday to Sunday)

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Hosted by: North Korea Freedom Coalition (Chairman Suzanne Scholte)

Organized by: International Foreign Policy and Security Forum (Dr. Hyunuk Kim), Esther Prayer Movement (Prof. Lee Yong Hee), and 25 other North Korean Defector Organizations.

Theme: “Let’s Make 2011 The Year Of Freedom For North Korea!”

Sub-theme: “Pass the North Korean Human Rights Act! /Abolish the Political Prison Camps!

NKFW2011 Chairmen:

Suzanne Scholte (Founder of NKFW, Seoul Peace Prize Laureate)

Dr. Hyunuk Kim (President of the International Forum for Foreign Policy & National Security; Former National Assemblyman of the Republic of Korea)

Hong Soon Kyung (President of the Committee for Democratization of North Korea)

Prof. Lee Yong Hee (Director of the Esther Prayer Movement for North Korea; Professor, Kyungwon University)

Prof. Jhe Seung Ho (Former Republic of Korea Ambassador-at-Large for North Korean Human Rights)

Lee Heung Woo/Choo Sun Ae (Korea Parent Federation Director, Secretary General)

The Rev. Heemoon Lee (Vice-Chairman, North Korea Freedom Coalition; Senior Pastor, Hana Presbyterian Church in Maryland, USA)

Do Hee Yun (Director, Citizen’s Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees)

Moon Guk Han (President, North Korea Human Rights International Association; North Korea Genocide Exhibit)

The Rev. Peter Chung (Director, Justice For North Korea)

Prof. Nishioka Tsutomu (Chairman, National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea NARKN; Professor, Tokyo Christian University)

Joint Executive Planning Chairmen:

Kim Seong Min (Free North Korea Radio, FNKR)

Kim Tae Jin (Free the NK Gulag, FNKG)

Kim Young Il (People for the Successful Reunification of Corea, PSCORE)

Kim Heung Kwang (North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, NKIS)

Jang Se Yul (North Korea People’s Liberation Front, NKPLF)

Kang Su Jin (Coalition for North Korean Women’s Rights)

Kang Chul Ho (Senior Pastor, Saetu Church)

Kim Young Nam (North Korean Defectors Artists Association)

And 20 other North Korean Defector organizations


The Ministry of Unification; the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the City of Seoul; various newspapers and TV stations.