Participating Organizations

Korea, the U.S. England and Japan

• (Private Sector) Association of the North Korean Defectors / President Choi Ju-Whal

• (Private Sector) Association of Sungy / President Yu In-Deok

• (Private Sector) North Korea Intellectual Solidarity / President Kim Heung-Kwang

• (Private Sector) North Korea Strategy Center / President Kang Cheol-Hwan

• (Private Sector) Fighters for North Korea / President Park Sang-Hak

• (Organization) PLFNK / President Choi Jeong-Hun

• (Organization) North Korean Democracy Promotion Council / Chairman Ahn Hyuk

• (Private Sector) New Korea Women’s Union / President Lee So-Yeon

• (Organization) Unification Mind Union / President Kim Jeong-Ah

• (Private Sector) North Korean People's Liberation Front / President Jang Sae-Yul

• (Private Sector) NK Information / President Lee Hae-Young

• (Private Sector) NK Watch / President Ahn Myung-Cheol

• (Private Sector) No Chain / President Jung Gwang-Il

• (Private Sector) Center for Liberty & Unification / Director Lee Ae-Ran

• (Private Sector) North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Literature / President Lee Ji-Myung

• (Private Sector) North Korean Center, Saeteo Church / Pastor Kang Cheol-Ho

• (Private Sector) NK Refugees Human Rights Association of Korea / President Kim Yong-Hwa

• (Private Sector) Save North Korean Refugees / President Lee Myung-Ok

• (Organization) Freedom Unification Culture Union / President Do Myung-Hak

• (Private Sector) Freedom North Korea Radio / Chairman Kim Seong Min

• (Private Sector) NKinUSA / President Jo Jinhae (USA)

• (Private Sector) Moija / Kawasaki Eiko (Japan)

• (Private Sector) North Korea Freedom Coalition / Jin Sun-Il (Canada)

• (Private Sector) Committee for the Democratization of North Korea / Hong Sun-Kyung

• (Organization) Koreans love National Association / President Kang Myung-Do

• (Private Sector) North Korean Mission / President Ma Young Ae (US)

• (Organization) North Korean Human Rights Association / President Cho Eun-Cheol (US)

• (Private Sector) International North Korean Defector Solidarity / Kim Joo-il (England)

• (Private Sector) North Korean People's Liberation Front of Japan / Branch Manager Kang Seung-Boo (Japan)

USA: North Korea Freedom Coalition

Japan: National Council for Japanese abducted by North Korea

13th North Korea Freedom Week Arrangement Committee