To promote the freedom, human rights, and dignity of the North Korean people.

“Let us Lead the Way to Unification”: The Activism of North Korean Defectors for Unification

~ Confirmed Public Events for NKFW 2015 ~

April 26 Sunday

10:00 AM Church Service: The NKFW Defector Delegation and NKFW Participants will attend church at the Korean Central Presbyterian Church (Centreville) hosted by Pastor Eung Yul Ryoo. Open to the public; No RSVP needed.

3:00 PM Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial The North Korean Defector delegation will lay a wreath at the Korean War Memorial and pledge their lives to honor the memory of those who served to make South Korea free by working to make North Korea free. Open to the public; No RSVP needed.

7:00 PM Benefit “MaJung” Concert for North Koreans: North Koreans in the USA (NKinUS) will host a special musical concert at the Landon School (Bethesda, MD) featuring North Korean pianist KIM Chul Woong, saxophone player David Tauler, and North Korean refugee Songwha Han. The concert will benefit the work of NKinUSA in rescuing North Korean refugees and helping those who have resettled in the USA. Join NKinUSA for a wonderful night to hear talented performers while learning more about North Korea human rights issues. Open to the public. For more information contact NKinUSA at 571-340-4679 or email

April 27 Monday

9:00 AM Press Conference at National Press Club The National Press Club Newsmaker Committee hosts a Press Conference for the North Korean Defector Delegation at National Press Club to release new information from inside North Korea, showcase the work of the North Korean defectors in getting information into North Korea and to announce the week’s events. The press conference is for the media.

11:00 AM-1:30 PM Special Presentation at Palace Restaurant (Annandale, VA) for the Korean-American community featuring Park Sang Hak and Kim Seong Min and hosted by the Korea Freedom Alliance which will focus on efforts to get information into North Korea. Short videos and a Q&A session will follow presentations by Park and Kim. Lunch will be provided and RSVP is required to Peter Kang at or by phone to 571-245-6550.

6-7:30 PM: HRNK Report Release: "Arsenal of Terror: North Korea's Role as a State Sponsor of Terrorism," by Joshua Stanton; National Press Club; Holeman Lounge; Light hors d'oeuvres will be served. The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea will release its latest report focusing on the regime’s role in supporting terrorism. A cash bar will be available. RSVP by email to: Rosa Park, HRNK Director of Programs at:

April 28 Tuesday

2 – 5 PM: Heritage Foundation will host a special program entitled “Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations” which will include a discussion of what must be done to improve conditions for the North Korean people. The program will include a panel session with North Koreans defectors following by panel session with U.S. North Korea experts to discuss policy recommendations. See link with all details and to RSVP here:

8 PM: Special Event in front of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to focus on their brutal treatment of North Korean refugees. Meet at park across the street from 3505 International Place NW, Washington, D.C.

April 29 Wednesday

11 AM–1 PM: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights host: The Information Campaign in North Korea. 1300 19th St. NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC. Panel session with North Korean refugee-activists and RFK staff on the ongoing struggle to realize the rights to freedom of expression, access to information, and thought in North Korea. Light lunch provided. Open to the public; please RSVP to Daniel Aum (

2:30-4:30 PM Congressional Hearing: hosted by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission entitled: North Korea’s Forced Labor Enterprise: A State-Sponsored Marketplace in Human Trafficking Capitol Hill - 2123 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. More info at:

7:30 PM–9:30 PM: Film Screening: Winter Butterfly, a 2011 film by a North Korean director, based on a true story, depicts the struggles of a mother and son in North Korea due to food shortages. At First Virginia Baptist Church in Springfield, 8616 Pohick Rd., Springfield, VA. Testimony and comment by the director to follow. Open to the public; please RSVP to Kang Seo (

April 30 Thursday

New York, New York!: North Korean defector delegations and NKFC members will have a special Trip to New York City to visit the United Nations, the DPRK Mission and the US Mission to the UN.

10:30 AM Special Event at the United Nations: The United States Mission to the United Nations will host an event entitled “Human Rights in the DPRK” featuring testimony from North Korean defectors and moderated by award-winning author Barbara Demick in Conference Room 3, United Nations. Open to the public.

May 1 Friday

12:00-1:30 PM Capitol Hill Forum featuring North Korean Defectors Defense Forum Foundation will host this forum entitled: “Ending the Kim Regime’s Reign of Terror in North Korea: What Must Be Done” to give the opportunity for the NKFW defector delegation to discuss their efforts to bring about regime change in North Korea. Q&A session included. Location: The Gold Room, 2168 Rayburn House Building; Especially for Congressional staff but open to the public but RSVP in advance is required. Free admission for NKFC members. RSVP required to:

7:00 PM NKFW 2015 Silent Auction and Dinner

The North Korea Freedom Coalition is organizing a fun and inspiring fundraiser at the Elks Lodge in Fairfax, Virginia, to raise funds for the nongovernmental organizations headed by defectors that are working to get news and information into North Korea and those involved in rescuing and helping North Korean refugees.

May 2 Saturday

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM: Unification of the Mind Conference A special conference hosted by Emancipate North Koreans (ENoK) will bring North Koreans, Korean Americans and South Koreans together to discuss how to prepare for the unification of Korean peninsula. It will be held at the John Marshall Library, John Marshall Meeting Room, 6209 Rose Hill Drive, Alexandria VA 22310 RSVP required. For more information, contact ENoK at

3 PM Afternoon Demonstration and Protest at PRC Embassy for North Korean Refugees to stop forced repatriation and violent treatment of North Korean refugees. North Korean Freedom Coalition joined but other NGOs and the North Korean defector delegations will have dramatic presentation and testimony calling for China to end its cruel treatment of refuges which is in defiance of its international treaty obligations. Location: 3505 International Place NW, Washington DC Open to public; No RSVP required; Bring everyone you know!

7 PM Concert hosted by NKinUSA at the Korean Church of Philippi in Hanover, Maryland, similar to April 26th event. If you missed the April 26th concert, you definitely want to come out for this final event of NKFW 2015! Open to the public. For more information contact NKinUSA at 571-340-4679 or email