NKFW 2015

Washington, DC

North Korea Freedom Week 2015 (April 26 - May 2, 2015)

Organized by the North Korea Freedom Coalition in cooperation with Free North Korea Radio and other North Korean defector and South Korean NGOs;

NKFW 2015: This year’s North Korea Freedom Week will focus on what can be done for North Korea to be free and for the peaceful unification of Korea as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of South Korea’s freedom. North Korean defectors will release the latest information from inside North Korea and discuss their role in working for the transformation of their homeland into a free and democratic society. Special witnesses will testify in Congress about the current and ongoing human rights violations by the Kim regime, the tragic situation facing refugees in China, and reveal the illegal activities of the Kim regime that sustain its existence. For the first time NKFW will include a special Silent Auction and Dinner to raise much needed funds to help the North Korean defector organizations.

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Themes of the events:

Time for North Korea's Freedom and Reunification

Can 2015 Be the Year of North Korea’s Freedom?

Role of Defectors in Helping Advance North Korea’s Freedom

Importance of Passing the North Korea Sanctions Bill