April 26 to May 2, 2020

Sunday, April 26

Prayers of Defectors who wish the success of the 17th NKFW (Saetu Church)

11 AM KST / 10 PM EDT (4/25)

Host: Pastor Kang Chul-ho

YouTube Channel: Free North Korea TV

Monday, April 27

Opening Ceremony for the 17th NKFW

The Roles of North Korean refugees for the collapse of Kim Jong-un Regime

9 AM KST / 8 PM EDT (SUN 4/26)

Host: Huh Kwang-il, Kim Heung Kwang, Park Sang-hak

YouTube Channel: Free North Korea TV

Tuesday, April 28

Visit For prayer points and information on 9 key leaders in the DPRK

Topic 1 - North Korea’s nuclear weapons gave birth to death of its people from starvation

Topic 2 - Analysis of the nutritional status of North Koreans

9 AM KST / 8 PM EDT (4/27)

Host: Lee Ae-ran

YouTube Channel: Lee Ae Ran TV

Wednesday, April 29

North Korea’s Today and Tomorrow: Pandemic and North Korean Market

10 AM KST / 9 PM EDT (4/28)

Host: Kim Heung-kwang

YouTube Channel: Kim Heung-kwang TV

Thursday, April 30

We can tell now: USB, Notetel, Radio

9 AM KST / 8 PM EDT (4/29)

Host: Choi Jeong-hun

YouTube Channel: NKPLF TV

Friday, May 1

We can tell now: Water Balloon / Commemoration ceremony for North Korean Freedom Fighters

9 AM KST / 8 PM EDT (4/30)

Host: Jang Se-yul

YouTube Channel: Jang Se-yul TV

Saturday, May 2

We can tell now: Leaflets to North Korea

9 AM KST / 8 PM EDT (5/1)

Host: Chung Sung-san

YouTube Channel: Chung Sung-san TV